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National Policies

IFA Submission to the Agri-Taxation Review 

2013 Finance Bill No. 2 - IFA Submission

IFA Submission on the Rules for Farm Partnerships

IFA Budget Report 2014 

IFA Report on Budget 2014 - Summary 

IFA 2014 Budget Submission

Harnessing Ireland's Wind Resource for Renwable Energy Production 

UCD Report on the Importance of the Cattle & Sheep Sectors to the Irish Economy

Key Elements of Agreement of EU Council of Ag Ministers on CAP 2014 -2020

Finance Bill 2013  - Briefing Report

Land Mobility & Research in Ireland Report

IFA Farm Income Review 2012

IFA Submission  on the Proposed Waste Management Regulations 2012

IFA Budget Report 2013

IFA Estimate of Farm Income 2012

IFA Pre-Budget Submission 2013

IFA Submission on Register of Lobbyists

Information and Analysis of the Euro Crisis and Fiscal Compact

IFA - Post 2015 Dairy Expansion Recommendations

The Case for the Retention & Strengthening of the National Milk Agency

2012 Finance Bill - IFA Submission

Farm Income Review 2011

IFA Budget Report 2012

Budget 2012 Presentation to the Joint Ag Oireachtas Committee

IFA Potato Survey - Trends & Challenges in Irish Potato Production

IFA Submission to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

IFA 2012 Budget Submission

The Irish Countryside - a place for Living, Working & Enjoyment

IFA Submission on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings

Measures to Improve the Efficiency & Competitiveness of Irish Agricuture

The Importance of Agriculture and the Food Industry to the Irish Economy - UCD

IFA Submission to the Independent Review of ERO & REA Wage Setting Mechanisms

Challenge the 2011 Election Candidates on their Commitment to Defend Agriculture

IFA Submission 2011 General Election

IFA Farm Income Review 2010

IFA Budget Report 2011

IFA Report on Budget 2011 - Key Decisions .

IFA Summary Report on National Recovery

IFA 2011 Budget Submission

IFA Submission on the Common Agricultural Policy post -  2013

IFA Submission on Rural Development post  - 2013

Presentation on "Food Supply Chain - Retail Code of Practice"

Reform of PRSI, Levies and Income Tax System

IFA Submission on the Civil Partnership Bill

IFA Submission on Agri-Strategy 2020

Equity for Farmers in the Food Supply Chain

IFA Farm Income Review 2009

IFA Budget Report 2010

IFA Update on Credit Situation for Farmers

IFA Estimate of Farm Income 2009

IMI Report on IFA Economic Forum

IFA 2010 Budget Submission

The Shape of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013

IFA Response to Bord Snip Report proposals

Economic and Environmental Impact of Proposed Cuts on Agriculture and the Rural Economy

Vote Yes to Lisbon

IFA Submission to Joint Oireachtas Commitee on Enterprise on Agri-Food Sector Employment

IFA Concerns about the Proposed 80% Capital Gains Tax on Windfall Gains