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National Dairy Council

The National Dairy Council, funded by the Dairy farmers of Ireland, are charged with Marketing our product on a national basis.

They now have launched their Buy Localy Farmed Milk Advertisment which will promote the new logo, which is on all milk which is farmed in Ireland.



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FMP Chairman Stephen Arthur
FMP Chairman Stephen Arthur is a liquid milk producer from Co. Wicklow. He  is from Ballinaclash, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, where he set up his green field liquid milk enterprise in 1996, which he grew it to its current 200 acre size, milking 120 cows.  Stephen is married to Mairead, and together they have two children Holly and Shane.
He said "I work tirelessly with the FMP Negotiating Team to ensure all FMP suppliers receive a fair price for their quality product, in the context of a fair supply contract”. 
FMP Structure


Fresh Milk Producers (FMP) are a producer group representing all liquid milk suppliers to Glanbia.  We have 11 member producer groups covering Leinster and Munster, please see Contacts for your local group.
The FMP structure revolves around the local producer groups with each producer group sending representatives to the Central Executive (click here to see details), the Central Executive then has a management committee consisting of 17 members who deal with more sensitive issues. 
The Negotiating Team of 4 men is elected from the Central Executive, who along with the Secretary, negotiate with Glanbia on your behalf to secure the best deal. Under our remit, we negotiate the price paid to our members and ensure through our Joint Quality Team that not only do we produce the best quality milk but that we work with Glanbia to solve any potential problems and ensure none of our members are treated unfairly.  As you can see below, this has influence our share of the retail milk market as the quality comes through in the taste and consistency.The FMP Central Executive meets once a month, this comprises of elected representatives from each producer group and invited attendees.  Glanbia Liquid Suppliers have achieved the highest Liquid price from the major processors in Ireland on an annualised basis consistently for the last number of years.  


Share of Retail Milk

Value Share 2009

MAT (Neilsen January 2010)

Share of Retail Milk
Avonmore is continuing its reputation as one of Ireland’s Strongest Retail Brands holding on to its position as number 2 brand in value to Coca Cola, interestingly if they were both on the same tax rate Avonmore would take the top spot. Premier is #27. “Our price must reflect the regard that the consumer holds our product” said FMP Chairman Eamonn McEnteggart. “It is obvious that the hard work on farm we put in has rewards at retail level.’’

Impact of Imports

578 Million Litres are consumed in the Republic of Ireland each year
- Retail 79% (455ML)
- Doorstep 6% (35ML) Glanbia have 80% of this
- Catering 15% (87ML)
- Bulk 63 ML, Packaged 59ML
- 21% in 2008 of Milk consumed in ROI was imported
- 0% in 1996


View the New Glanbia Liquid Payment Structure here


Discussions and Negotiations with Glanbia on the new payment structure for your Liquid Milk over the past 20 months came to a conclusion on the 12th of July last. We then presented the structure to our Central Executive and then to our members for ratification at all Producer Groups. The meetings were well attended and I hope you had the opportunity to attend.  The delegates then returned their votes to the recent Exceptional Central Executive on the 3rd of August, ratifying the deal by an overall majority.

The deal as negotiated has been accepted, and all issues raised will be acted upon. Please see the Document Here.

It was also agreed at the Exceptional Central Executive that the annualised differential of 46cpl will be distributed evenly across 6 winter months (October to March) at 7.66¯cpl.

As part of the package you have to make the choice between remaining with a flat element to your price or moving your Liquid Contract to a price based on constituents plus a set differential, the full details on your options are here FMP Liquid Options.

Should you wish to move to the Solids based price you must notify Glanbia Farm Advisor before 1st of October 2011 for a constituent payment in 2012.

If you have any questions please contact any member of the Negotiation Team listed here


New Liquid Milk Payment Structure for registered Liquid Farmers supplying Glanbia


The full Document can be downloaded here, Liquid Milk payment Structure


From 1st January 2012 those who opt for constituents will achieve a total differential of 46cpl; 3.833cpl annualised. Those who choose to remain with a portion Flat will receive the remaining prrtion paid in this manner. (See Payment structure below)  

Working Band

When Manufacturing base is between 27-32cpl our base will remain the same. However moves outside this band we will only receive half the fall or rise. This will be reviewed at the end of 2012 and 2013. Example:


The price will be rounded up to the nearest point one of a cent (€0.001) for 11 months and any overpayment will be recovered in period 12 of each fiscal year  i.e. cost neutral

Relationship between Glanbia and FMP

A Review will be held once per year.
Agenda for Meeting:
1 Business performance review
2 Farm business performance review
3 Review of the Contract
4 Milk price competitiveness review
5 Seasonal Payments options review
6 Review utilisation and payment of any volume reductions 
7 Review of Working Band 
8 Milk Quality Review



Survey of Milk Constituents from Fresh Milk Producers Suppliers

Dear Member, 

Thankyou to all those of you who have completed the Survey of constituents. The results have proven very useful to us in our recent round of discussions with Glanbia.

We have recently presented these results to the Groups around the country, which you attended. Should you want detailed information of the results contact the Secretary John Graham.


If you have not done so already Click here to complete the  SCC, Butterfat and Protein Survey

Thank you

Dairy News


Commenting on this week’s GDT auction results, which saw a further 8.9% fall in the average price of traded commodities, IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Sean O’Leary said the main markets for Irish dairy exports were the UK and Europe, where prices were holding up well at still quite high levels, which should underpin current milk prices for some time yet.


Reacting to the announcement by the Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton that regulations are to be introduced to ensure fairness in the food chain, IFA President Eddie Downey said the real test of the new legislation would be a fairer return to producers which covers the cost of production and leaves a margin to reward their work and investment.


IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Sean O’Leary today said the agricultural rate of VAT refund had increased from 4.8% to 5% with effect from January, and he urged all co-ops to ensure that their milk price reflected this in a way which is fair to farmers.


IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Sean O’Leary today (Thurs) said that while this week’s Fonterra auction result saw a 5.2% price reduction compared to the previous auction, ABARES, the Australian government’s agricultural research body, predicted strong dairy prices into 2014/15, due to robust demand throughout Asia and China in particular, as urbanisation and the growth of westernised diets continue.
FMP in favour of Glanbia proposals

Fresh Milk Producers (FMP) Chairman, Stephan Arthur said a series of local meetings within the FMP organisation were held recently.  A positive response was generated at these meetings, which were held to specifically discuss the future of liquid milk under the Glanbia proposals.

 The Management committee of FMP meet last Monday night (5th of November) and have come out in favour of the Glanbia proposal.
Mr Arthur said that this was a significant decision for liquid milk farmers, but they had a vote and he called on all FMP members to exercise their right to vote.
Chairman's Message



Stephen Arthur, Chairman FMP

The strength of FMP as an organisation depends on the support and participation of all its members.  This is particularly true in the current challenging environment. Unfortunately, liquid milk has not been immune to the downturn in the economy. The most significant challenges are the general fall in market returns for dairy products and the continuing challenge from Northern Ireland processors. 


Click here to access the list of Fresh Milk Producers Committee Members.


Negotiating Team

Negotiating Team

Producer Group


Eamonn McEnteggart Louth  Chairman
Stephen Arthur East Wicklow ViceChair
Denis Fagan Meath  
Larry Hannon Mid- Leinster  
John Graham   Secretary

The Negotiation Team deals with all issues relating to Price and the manner in which your Liquid milk is purchased.

Contact Details here



Joint Quality

Derek Tierney    Chairman (Kildare)

John Graham     Secretary
PJ Boylan            Louth
Kevin Murphy      Wexford
The Joint Quality deals with all issues relating to milk composition, TBC, SCC, Antibiotics, penalties, Milk Tank Contracts and any day to day issues

Contact Details here

Glanbia Milk Purchasing Document 2011 - 2012 

Glanbia Milk Purchasing Document 2010 - 2011

Antibiotic Notice for FMP Suppliers

Bulk Tank Refrigeration Contracts

Permitted Dairy Detergents