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Cost of Milk Production

It is obvious that for every month a cow calves she is going to have a very different diet. This ultimately affects our bottom line by both the constituents she produces, as seen else where on the FMP site, and the cost of feeding her. 

To this end we requested Joe Patton in teagasc to complete  an excersize to see the total feed that cow requires. The chart below outlines clearly  the Kilogrammes of Dry Matter the cow consumes forthe year after the Month in which she calves.

The information in the main  seems obvious the Feb-March calver is more efficent than the September calver, we as liquid farmers have always known this and require to be paid accordingly to ensure Fresh Milk. However, Should a farmer move to calve his cow in October rather than August he can save 160 Kg/dm Concentrate, 80Kg/dm Maize, and utilise 200Kg/dm more Fresh Grass, all while still filling your Liquid contract with Fresh Milk. 

Above all do your own sums when deciding to AI your cows for Autumn Calving.

Feed required per Cow per Calving Month