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hAs we in FMP negotiate your Bulk Tank Maintenance Contract on your behalf, we are aware tha some of your Tank Condensing units (Compressor) are running on R12 and It May Concern


It is now illegal for R12 to be stocked by Maintenance Contractors, therefore should you have a breakdown because of a gas leak it cannot legally be repaired.


As of January 2010 New R22 is no longer available, and stocks cannot be kept in storage. However while limited quantities of Recovered R22 are available this cannot be guaranteed and prices will be high as demand increases over the next few years.


As you may be aware the new “Dairy Equipment Grant Scheme” is now in place.

In this new scheme we have secured the inclusion of the Condensing Unit (Compressor).  Speak to your Maintenance Contractor and see if your tank is capable of running on the new gas, as this is an ideal opportunity to change and ensure you will not run into problems in the future.

Should this suit you act on this as soon as possible, as applications for the first tranche will close at the end of April.  However, further opportunities will arise as the scheme remains open until the end of 2013 and there will be 13 tranches in total.

For information and details see enclosed or , please contact us if you have any further queries.


Yours sincerely


Derek Tierney

Joint Quality Chairman

Fresh Milk Producers