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12 Dec 2016


Brussels Daily

Agriculture Council Main results 12 December below – full results here

Strengthening farmers’ position in the food supply chain and tackling unfair trading practices

“Fairness is the new rule of the game. The fight against unfair trading practices has entered a new era. Today we have stepped up our fight against unfair trading practices. The unanimous support from the Council means that trading practices will be closely scrutinized at the European level. The Slovak Presidency has fully achieved its aim of securing for European farmers a transparent and fair business environment”


The Council adopted conclusions on strengthening the position of farmers in the food supply chain and tackling unfair trading practices.

The Council acknowledges the importance of a well-functioning food supply chain and expresses concern about the vulnerability of farmers in this context, despite multiple efforts to improve their situation. The conclusions suggest solutions that the Commission and member states could put in place to guarantee, among others, that risks are shared more equally along the supply chain, contractualisation is enhanced, and market transparency and risk management  improved.

The conclusions also call on the Commission to undertake an impact assessment with a view to proposing an EU legislativeframework or other non-legislative measures to address unfair trading practices. Any initiative should respect the principle of subsidiarity and safeguard well-functioning national systems.

Agriculture and climate change

Ministers had an exchange of views on the agricultural aspects of the Commission proposals for an effort-sharing regulation (ESR) and a regulation on land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF regulation).

Member states generally welcomed the Commission proposals and highlighted the contribution that agriculture can make to climate mitigation. They also stressed the importance of guaranteeing consistency between the objectives of tackling climate change and ensuring food security.

Some ministers also focused their intervention on the role of sustainable forestry management.

Other topics on the agenda

Ministers were informed of the state of play of the negotiations on the proposed regulation on organic production, and of:

  • plant breeders’ rights
  • the implementation of the new regulation on protective measures against plant pests
  • the outcome of the kick-off meeting of EU Platform on food waste and food losses

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