Broadleaf Management

Broadleaf Management

Woodland Land Improvement – Tending and Thinning Scheme

The Tending and Thinning scheme provides support to farmers towards the cost of tending and thinning of broadleaf forests planted since 1980.  Tending and thinning are essential investments for the future crop.  The scheme provides a fixed grant of €750 per hectares.  An additional costs based grant is also available for brashing operations to improve access to forest for manual application of fertiliser, if required, to a maximum of €750 per hectare.

Support is available for the following operations:

  • Improvement felling of malformed and over mature trees
  • Felling of additional tress to release potential crop trees (PCT)
  • Thinning and re-spacing of natural regeneration
  • Clearing buffer area around sites and monuments which many have become overgrown
  • Improving access for manual fertilisation (cost based grant).

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