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04 Dec 2015


Brussels Daily


EU agri-food exports still at record level

After a slow-down in August, the value of EU agri-food exports has resumed the positive trend (+13%), as monthly exports in September exceeded imports by €2 billion. The exports to the US (+19%) and China (+18%) did particularly well. Russia fell down to fourth position as destination for EU agri-food exports, after US, China and Switzerland. Most significant increases in monthly export values were witnessed for wine, spirits and liqueurs and for chocolate and confectionaries.  Imports to the EU in September also went up compared to the previous month (+4.5%), especially for oilseeds other than soyabeans, coffee and tea, and cocoa beans. In the 12 months period from October 2014 to September 2015, EU agri-food exports to third countries are still at record level with an increase by 6.0% in value compared to the same period one year ago. More detailed statistics are available online.

Food: Commission publishes results of control plan on labelling of fishery products

Today the Commission is publishing the results of the first EU-wide control plan to assess the prevalence on the market of mislabelled white fishery products (i.e. white fishery products that do not match with the declared species on the label). Agreed with the Member States in February 2015, the control plan was implemented over the summer and has resulted in the testing of nearly 4000 white fish samples of 150 different species, taken from all stages of the food production chain. These tests confirmed that in 94% of the cases the species declared on the label were correct. As for the 6% of samples that were found to be mislabelled, it is for the Member State to identify on a case-by-case basis the causes and motives of the non-compliances. They may be the result of a bad or ill-informed practice and not necessarily of a fraudulent one. Member States have already been taking appropriate action to end violations, including through the application of penalties, in accordance with national rules. The Commission will monitor the situation and continue its awareness-raising campaigns on labelling requirements for fishery products. It will also carry out a series of fact-finding missions on labelling and traceability of fishery products that will start in December 2015. This coordinated control plan on fishery products is part of the Commission’s action against fraudulent practices in the food chain. Recent activities in this area include the launch, earlier this year, of a dedicated IT tool (the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation (AAC) system), intended to facilitate the exchange of information regarding possible cross-border violations of food chain rules between national enforcement authorities. The full results are available here.

GMOs: Commission authorises 2 GMOs for food/ feed uses

The Commission adopted today 2 GMOs for food/ feed uses, MON87427 maize and NK603xT25 maize. These GMOs have gone through the different steps of the authorisation procedure foreseen by the legislation, and have received a favourable scientific assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The risk assessment has been done by EFSA in collaboration with Member States. The GMOs approved today have received “no opinion” votes from the Member States in both the Standing and Appeal Committees. The authorisations are valid for 10 years, and any products produced from these GMOs will be subject to the EU’s strict labelling and traceability rules. The authorisation decisions do not cover cultivation on the EU territory. For more information please see here.


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