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09 Dec 2016


Brussels Daily


Commission adopts proposal improving collection and use of farm statistics to better support agricultural policy-making

Today, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation on new, integrated ways to collect and use statistics on farms so as to better support policy making in general and agricultural policy in particular. The proposed framework Regulation on Integrated Farm Statistics will improve the analysis of the state, trends and impacts of European agriculture and contribute to EU responses in the areas of climate change, environmental policies, rural development, and food security. The proposed framework Regulation will increase the comparability and coherence of EU statistics on the structure of European farms, speed up data transmission, and allow for a more elegant, flexible and targeted data collection which reduces the burden on farms in the EU. It is an important step forward to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs and requirements for European agricultural statistics, while also reducing the costs and burdens of data collection. Agriculture uses almost half of the land area of the European Union. It has a large impact on climate change and the environment, and many rural communities depend on agriculture. The EU needs the most accurate information in this field to design policies that benefit all citizens of Europe. The European Commission is strongly committed to supporting sustainable development and fighting climate change, and the proposal helps to achieve these goals.


Commission publishes negotiating proposals for modernised EU- Mexico trade deal

The Commission published today – as part of its commitmentfor a more transparent trade and investment policy – six initial European proposals for modernising various elements of the EU-Mexico agreement. These texts represent the EU’s initial negotiating position. Together with the proposals, the Commission has made available the report from the second round of talks that took place in Mexico between 22 and 25 November. Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said: “Sixteen years have passed since the current EU-Mexico deal became effective. Today we need to adapt it to a new trade reality. We’ve had some good initial talks with our Mexican counterparts, but to reach a good agreement we also need constructive engagement from interested parties, including civil society. The proposals published today, in line with our transparency commitments, will contribute to that discussion.” Amongst other things, the texts presented by the EU in the negotiations aim to: increase participation of European companies in Mexican public tenders and vice versa; increase cooperation on imports requirements related to food safety, plant and animal health; facilitate trade in energy products and raw materials; and broaden protection of intellectual property, including names of traditional European products known as ‘geographical indications’. The proposals seek to reduce unnecessary regulatory barriers to trade and increase the part of trade benefits that go to small companies. At the same time, their aim is to uphold levels of consumer, worker and environment protection and work together with Mexico towards sustainable development. Further EU proposals will be made available as the negotiations progress. EU negotiating proposals and other trade documents published since 14 October 2015 are available on the Transparency in Action portal.


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