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20 Dec 2018


Brussels Daily


Agreement on unfair trading practices in the food supply chain will protect all EU farmers

The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached today a political agreement on a new set of rules that will ensure protection of 100% of EU farmers and of a very large majority of EU agri-food companies against practices contrary to good faith and fair dealing.  The new European law will cover agricultural and food products traded in the food supply chain, banning for the first time up to 16 unfair trading practices imposed unilaterally by one trading partner on another. Other practices will only be permitted if subject to a clear and unambiguous upfront agreement between the parties involved.  More information here


Environmental data: Commission welcomes agreement on new rules to reduce red tape and increase transparency for citizens

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have reached a provisional political agreement on the ambitious new measures to ensure a higher level of transparency in environmental matters and simplify the way in which reports will need to be prepared. Yesterday’s agreement is based on the Proposal by the Commission for a Regulation on the alignment of reporting obligations in the field of environment policy that was adopted in May 2018. The new rules will reduce the administrative burden for administration and simplify procedures for businesses involved in reporting and regulatory monitoring. In addition, policymakers will have access to higher quality information to underpin decisions, and citizens will have better access to information on important issues that affect them. European Commissioner for Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Karmenu Vella said: “By improving the way we collect and share environmental information, we are empowering citizens to find out quickly about industrial emissions or environmental noise, reducing the burden for businesses to provide information and ensuring that administrations at national and EU level work together more effectively. This outcome is a perfect example of the European Commission’s Better Regulation Agenda in practice achieving better results more effectively.” The provisional agreement reached yesterday must now be formally approved by the European Parliament and the Council. Following its approval, the new Regulation will be published in the EU’s Official Journal and will enter into force after two years.


Promoting innovation: €173 million to help bring top-class projects to market

The Commission will support with a total of €173 million 283 innovative projects to bring their innovations faster to the market. The funding is invested under the pilot phase of the European Innovation Council (EIC), which targets fast-moving and high-risk innovation with strong potential to create new markets. The projects selected in this round include blockchain technologies, a bio-compostable packaging film, single quantum photodetectors and a big data driven personalized knee replacement. The projects will receive funding under the SME Instrument and the Fast Track to Innovation strands of the €2.7 billion pilot of the European Innovation Council, which runs from 2018 to 2020 under the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. To date, the EIC pilot has already supported 1276 projects with €731.15 million. As part of the next research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe, the Commission has proposed to follow up on this pilot phase by establishing a full-scale European Innovation Council that will offer a one-stop shop for high potential and breakthrough technologies, as well as for innovative companies with potential for scaling up. Last week the European Parliament endorsed the proposal for Horizon Europe. The vote by the Parliament complements the recent adoption of the Council’s negotiation position and opens the way for the co-legislators to start negotiations. A news item with more details on the projects selected today is available here.

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