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25 Feb 2015


Brussels Daily

Agriculture: Commission launches Private Storage Aid for pigmeat to stimulate EU pig market recovery

The Commission’s proposal for the introduction of a Private Storage Aid for pigmeat was voted by Member States and will be operational in the beginning of March. This move will contribute to ease the pressure on the EU pigmeat market resulting from the combined effect of Russian import barriers and the increase in EU production. Prices are now 20% below the 5-year-average. Following the vote, Commissioner Hogan stated: “I believe that Private Storage Aid is the most effective tool available to us to address the difficult market situation. This measure will remove a considerable volume of product from the market, which should have the effect of putting a floor under the market, stabilising the financial situation of farmers and should enable the market to recover by stimulating the fragile recovery in prices.”Aid for private storage is a market measure within the frame of the CMO Regulation 1308/2013 that compensates part of the storage cost for a certain period. You can find more information on the Private Storage Aid for pigmeat here 

Energy Union: secure, sustainable, competitive, affordable energy for every European

Energy is used to heat and to cool buildings and homes, transport goods, and power the economy. But with ageing infrastructure, poorly integrated markets, and uncoordinated policies, our consumers, households and businesses do not benefit from increased choice or from lower energy prices. It is time to complete the single energy market in Europe. Delivering on this top priority set out in President Juncker’s political guidelines, today the European Commission sets out its strategy to achieve a resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy. Jean-Claude Juncker, Commission President, said: “For too long, energy has been exempt from the fundamental freedoms of our Union. Current events show the stakes – as many Europeans fear they may not have the energy needed to heat their homes. This is about Europe acting together, for the long term. I want the energy that underpins our economy to be resilient, reliable, secure and growingly renewable and sustainable.” Vice-President responsible for the Energy Union Šefčovič and Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Arias Cañete will present the strategy today at 12:00 CET in the Commission’s press room, with live broadcast on EBS. A press release as well as three fact sheets (Energy Union; Connecting power markets to deliver security of supply, market integration and the large-scale uptake of renewables; Questions and Answers on the European Commission Communication: The Paris Protocol – A blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020) are available online

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