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27 Mar 2015


Brussels Daily

Agriculture: Flexibility granted in the collection of dairy surplus levy

Producers having exceeded their quota for 2014/2015 will have the possibility to make their payments over a maximum of three years in zero interest instalments. This flexibility given to farmers comes at a time when they may be investing to take advantage of the post-quota environment. The amendment to Regulation (EC) No 595/2004 laying down the rules on dairy surplus levy was published today in the Official Journal and will enter into force on Monday 30 March 2015. Member States facing superlevy and choosing to provide their national producers with this possibility will have to indicate the number of beneficiaries under the scheme and the amount not yet recovered every year until the end of 2017. The first yearly payment shall be made by 30 September 2015.

EUROSTAT: International trade in goods in 2014: EU’s top trading partners in 2014: the United States for exports, China for imports, Trade between Member States largely prevails though

In 2014, the United States (€515.6 bn, or 15% of total EU trade in goods) and China (€467.3 bn, or 14%) continued to be the two main goods trading partners of the European Union (EU), well ahead of Russia (€285.1 bn, or 8%) and Switzerland (€236.9 bn, or 7%). Trends observed over recent years are however very different for these top trading partners of the EU. The share of the United States in EU total trade in goods recorded a significant and almost continuous fall, from 24% in 2002 to 15% in 2014. In contrast, the share of China has doubled, rising from 7% in 2002 to 14% in 2014. In particular, the shares of the United States and China in EU trade almost converged in 2010, before stabilising since then. The increase in the share of Russia in total EU trade in goods was less significant (from 5% in 2002 to 8% in 2014), while the share of Switzerland remained almost unchanged at 7% over the same time period. In 2014, machinery and transport equipment, other manufactured goods and mineral fuels represented the main categories of product in EU international trade with the rest of the world. Read the EUROSTAT press release.

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