04 Feb 2020


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Future EU-UK partnership: European Commission takes first step to launch negotiations with the United Kingdom

Today, the European Commission has issued a recommendation to the Council to open negotiations on a new partnership with the United Kingdom. This recommendation is based on the existing European Council guidelines and conclusions, as well as on the Political Declaration agreed between the EU and the United Kingdom in October 2019. It includes a comprehensive proposal for negotiating directives, defining the scope and terms of the future partnership that the European Union envisages with the United Kingdom. These directives cover all areas of interest for the negotiations, including trade and economic cooperation, law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, foreign policy, security and defence, participation in Union programmes and other thematic areas of cooperation. A dedicated chapter on governance provides an outline for an overall governance framework covering all areas of economic and security cooperation. The Council will have to adopt the draft negotiating directives. This will formally authorise the Commission to open the negotiations as Union negotiator. A press release is available online. (For more information: Eric Mamer – Tel.: +32 2 299 4073; Dana Spinant – Tel.: +32 2 299 0150; Daniel Ferrie – Tel.: +32 2 29 86500)

Pesticides: Commission prohibits Lithuania and Romania from granting unjustified emergency authorizations for substances harmful to bees

Today, the European Commission adopted two decisions which prohibit Romania and Lithuania from granting unjustified emergency authorizations for three neonicotinoids (imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam). Since it has been proven that the use of these substances is harmful to bees, their use has already been limited at EU level. Romania and Lithuania have repeatedly granted emergency authorizations to allow the use of these substances to control certain pests on specific crops – authorizations which the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) does not consider as justified. Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said: “This is the first time that the Commission has adopted such decisions. The granting of emergency authorizations for pesticides is only possible if strict conditions are met. The Green Pact for Europe underlines that the sustainability of the food chain is a priority for the EU and we cannot accept that Member States continue to use pesticides that harm the environment and biodiversity while alternatives are available. The Commission is also creating a database today which will make available all emergency authorizations granted by the Member States. For more information, click here. (For more information: Stefan de Keersmaecker – Tel .: +32 229 84680; Darragh Cassidy – Tel .: +32 229 83978)

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