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18 Apr 2016


Brussels Daily

Being discussed in the European Parliament this week: missing migrant children, Turkey visa liberalisation, gun control

Parliamentary committees deal this week with the steps Turkey needs to take in order to qualify for visa-free travel in the EU as well as the thousands of migrant children that have disappeared in Europe. In addition they discuss for the first time draft amendments to gun control plans to prevent weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

The civil liberties committee debates Thursday the more than 10,000 unaccompanied refugee and migrant children that have gone missing in Europe. The discussion features representatives from Europol, the Fundamental Rights Agency and the non-governmental organisation Missing Children Europe.

Also on Thursday, the civil liberties committee debates the European Commission’s report on Turkey’s progress towards meeting the EU’s requirements for visa liberalisation. Parliament, as well as the Council, would need to approve any proposal to exempt people in Turkey from having to have a visa when travelling to Europe.


Foreign fighters are on the agenda for Wednesday. The civil liberties committee is to discuss a report by Eurojust, an EU agency dealing with judicial cooperation on crime, with its president Michèle Coninsx.
The internal market committee discusses Wednesday Parliament’s draft amendments to the proposed reform of the EU’s firearms directive.

A resolution on addressing the causes of energy poverty and empowering consumers is voted on by the industry and energy committee on Thursday. This is linked to upcoming legislative proposals on the future energy union in Europe.
Parliament and Council negotiators meet Tuesday with the aim of reaching a provisional deal on new EU rules to stimulate competition in passenger rail service, improve service quality and help meet emissions targets. Once a deal has been agreed on the fourth railway package, it will still need to be formally approved by MEPs and the Council.

Parliament’s inquiry committee investigating emission measurements in the car industry is having its first working meeting on Tuesday. Committee members are to meet representatives from the Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the International Council of Clean Transportation.

The special committee on tax rulings meets members from national parliaments on Monday.

The women’s rights committee votes Tuesday on a resolution concerning poverty from a gender perspective.
The foreign affairs committee holds a hearing Tuesday on the EU’s strategy to counter propaganda by countries outside the EU.

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