Forestry Market Reports

Market Reports
Forestry Market Reports

The following is a guide to the roadside timber prices for May 2015:

Product Type Length (m) Diameter (cm) Price (€/tonne)
Pulp 3m <7cm 23 – 27
Stakewood 1.6m >8cm <15cm 39 – 42
Palletwood 2.5m




>14cm 46 – 48

52 – 55

54 – 56

56 – 58

Sawlog 4.3m


74 – 77

74 – 77

80 – 85

* All prices quotes are for conifers.

Forest owners are advised to get a number of quotes before selling their timber. Talk with other farmers that have thinned.

IFA recommend that farmers put in inspection paths before selling their timber. Inspection paths are essential to gain access into the crop, these paths permit the assessment of the crop by a professional forester.

  • Create inspection paths by removing branches to head height between two lines of trees;
  • Parallel paths should be 50-100 metres apart depending on the size of the forest, and
  • Inspection paths should be straight.

The primary aim of thinning is to improve the quality of your forest to focus growth on the better quality trees. IFA advises farmers to visit the harvest site on the first day of operations to talk with the operator and ensure that the forest is being thinned correctly.

For more advice on thinning check out the Harvesting section on

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