In February, I announced the first step of this journey when I launched a public consultation on the future of the CAP.

This consultation is open until May 2nd, and I encourage any agri-food stakeholders to make their voices heard. We have already had over 13,000 responses, which is hugely encouraging, though I must add that we have had very few from Greece! So let me call on Greek citizens to let us know what they think.

The public consultation will form the basis for a Communication on the future of the CAP, which will be published later this year and will outline a range of policy options.

We need to make the CAP’s contribution to a variety of policy goals stronger, ranging from markets and trade, to climate change and environmental challenges, and making the sector attractive for the next generation of innovating young farmers.


In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I commend you for placing the focus of this Summit on how the agribusiness sector can increase its contribution to GDP growth in the coming years, here in Greece and right across Europe.

This is a policy debate I am currently holding with my colleagues at the European Commission, with national leaders and MEPs, and now with all EU citizens through the public consultation on the future of the CAP.

It is true that farmers and rural communities are the parts of society most affected by the CAP – but the policy affects the lives of every European citizen.

Farmers and other food-related businesses must be given every support to succeed – because when they do succeed, we all benefit.