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IFA President Joe Healy said there was mounting farmer anger that Environment Minister Richard Bruton would support a call for teenagers to consume less meat and dairy products.


“This is not consistent with the dietary advice from the Department of Health. It is clear that many parents already find it challenging to ensure that their children eat a balanced diet.


This pack must be withdrawn and amended before it goes back into circulation.”



As the GDT records its 9th consecutive uplift (+0.8%), IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Tom Phelan said the Committee would in the coming days be lobbying co-op board members to show them that they must hold the March milk price.  Markets justify it and farmers need it.  “There are at least 10 good reasons why they should do so.”

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IFA President Joe Healy said the Glanbia/Kepak Twenty/20 Beef Club represents much-needed new thinking for the sector.  He said the model on dairy beef could deliver greater certainty on beef prices and better cashflow on farms.

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IFA President Joe Healy welcomed today’s announcement of the completion of the Lakeland/LacPatrick merger.  He said this meant the merger, confirmed only days away from the UK exiting the EU, was vital for dairy farmers in the North East of the island of Ireland, and it must now be bedded down as soon as possible to start delivering for them.

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IFA National Dairy Chairman Tom Phelan said farmers were very disappointed that their first big milk cheque of the year had been reduced by price cuts when markets would have justified stability.  The prices cut by co-ops have fallen below the Ornua PPI equivalent, at a time when eight consecutive GDT auctions, including this week’s, show global dairy price improvements.

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