IFA Policy Documents
2019-05-29IFA Submission for the Extension of the General Employment Permit Pilot for Dairy Assistants
2018-08-10The Economic & Societal Importance of the Suckler Herd
2017-06-12IFA President’s address to EESC on the Future of Europe
2016-08-29Submission to Department of Agriculture Statement of Strategy
2015-01-13Farm Income Review 2014
The IFA Farm Income Review 2014 presents a snapshot of farm incomes in 2014 across the different sectors, and outlines the major factors that contributed to changes in income during the year. It also provides analysis on the demographic structure and challenges in farming currently, and presents a picture on the levels of investment ongoing in farming. Finally, the Review provides a look forward to the main issues likely to impact on farming and farm incomes in 2015.
2014-07-08IFA Analysis of CAP Reform Agreement – June 2013.
2014-03-25Five reasons why liquid milk producers need strong winter price premiums
Specialist liquid milk producers need to be able to secure adequate premiums over manufacturing milk prices to cover their structurally higher costs and deliver fresh, high quality, locally produced milk all year round to the supermarket shelves.
2014-01-30IFA – Guidelines for the post 2015 relationship between co-ops and shareholders
Recommendations on the relationship between active shareholders and co-ops in the context of the post 2015 dairy expansion.
2014-01-01Farm Income Review 2013
2013-11-21IFA Submission on the Rules for Farm Partnerships
Submission by the Irish Farmers' Association to the consultation on the Rules for Farm Partnerships
2013-11-21IFA Submission on the Review of Ireland’s Forest Policy
2013-11-21IFA Submission on Forestry Bill 2013
2013-11-07IFA Submission on “Pay and File” dates
IFA Submission to the Department of Finance Consultation on "Pay and File" dates
2013-10-252013 Finance Bill no. 2 – IFA Submission
2013 Finance Bill no. 2 - IFA Submission
2013-10-15IFA Report on Budget 2014 – Summary
IFA Report on Budget 2014 - Summary.
2013-10-15IFA Budget Report 2014
2013-07-31IFA 2014 Budget Submission
Investing in Agriculture for Economic Growth.
2013-06-12IFA Nitrates Review Submission June 2013
Review of Ireland’s Nitrates Action Programme Submission to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine & Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.
2013-04-09UCD Report on the Importance of the Cattle & Sheep Sectors to the Irish Economy
Report by Alan Renwick, Professor of AGriculture & Food Economics UCD.
2013-03-19CAP Reform 2014- 2020 Report
Key Elements of Agreement of EU Council of Agricultural Ministers - CAP Reform 2014 - 2020.
2013-03-08IFA submission on Fracking
IFA's submission to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the proposed terms of reference for a programme of research on the environmental impact of fracking.
2013-02-14Finance Bill 2013 – Briefing Report
Finance Bill 2013 - Taxation Issues relevant to Farmers.
2013-01-24Land Mobility & Succession in Ireland
Land Mobility & Sucession in Ireland – Research Report
2013-01-14Farm Income Review 2012
Farm Income Review 2012
2012-12-14IFA Submission on Waste Management Regulations 2012
The IFA Submission to the Public Consultation on the proposed Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2012.
2012-12-05IFA Budget Report 2013
IFA Budget Report 2013
2012-11-21IFA Estimate of Farm Income 2012
IFA Estimate of Farm Income 2012
2012-10-19Post Office Network – IFA Submission
IFA's submission in relation to the future of the post office network that provides a vital service for rural areas, outlining potential growth strategies to consider to safeguard its future.
2012-10-11IFA Pre-Budget Submission 2013
Support for Agriculutre Critical to Underpin Growth
2012-03-29Operation & Maintenance of Domestic Waste Water Treatement Systems – IFA Submission
IFA's response to the consultation document issued by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government on the proposed content of regulations for the operation and maintenance of domestic waste water treatment system.
2012-03-11IFA Submission on Register of Lobbyists
IFA Submission to Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on regulation of lobbyists
2012-03-11Reform of the Water Sector in Ireland – IFA Submission
IFA's submission regarding the proposal to reform the delivery of water services. This reform is a necessary measure that must reduce water costs to all customers, and end the duplication and inefficiency in the delivery of service.
2012-02-29Framework for Sustainable Development – IFA Submission
This submission makes proposals regarding important sustainable development policy measures including environmental taxation, waste management policy, energy policy, climate change and biodiversity.
2012-02-28Information and Analysis of the Euro Crisis & Fiscal Compact
The proposed Fiscal Compact Treaty (Fiscal Compact), the text of which was signed-off by 25 of the 27 EU Heads of Government on 30 January, is a further element in the response by the EU to the crisis in the euro system. This information document provides an overview of the backgroud to the crisis, the response of the Member States to date and the implications for Ireland of the Fiscal Compact.
2012-02-17Paying for Sewage Treatment
Letter to Editor Irish Times from IFA Environment Chairman, Harold Kingston, regarding septic tanks.
2012-02-06The Case for the Retention & Strengthening of the National Milk Agency
IFA Submission - The case for the retention and strengthening of the National Milk Agency
2012-01-252012 Finance Bill Submission
2012 Finance Bill – IFA Submission
2012-01-25Farm Income Review 2011
Farm Income Review 2011
2012-01-15IFA Pre-Budget Submission 2012
Support for Agriculture Critical to Underpin Growth
2012-01-08Rural Ireland Must be Allowed to Reach its True Potential
The current debate about the registration and inspection of septic tanks needs to move to a wider discussion about the delivery of services to rural dwellers. There is significant potential to be tapped, if sufficient investment is made to create an environment that will encourage rural communities to develop and make a greater contribution to the country as a whole.
2011-12-12IFA 2012 Budget Submission
Investing in Agriculture to Deliver Economic Growth
2011-12-07IFA Budget Report 2012
IFA Budget Report 2012
2011-11-18Proposed Land Improvement Submission
Proposed Land Improvement Submission by IFA to the Public Consulation issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheriese and Food on the draft Guidance document for the purpose of implementing the EU EIA Regulations 2011.
2011-11-08Presentation to Joint Oireachtas Ag Committee
Presentation by IFA President John Bryan to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Natural Resources and Agriculture on Budget 2012
2011-11-07IFA Potato Survey
Trends & Challenges in Irish Potato Production
2011-10-12IFA Submission to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
Review of the Children's Commercial Code
2011-08-17The Irish Countryside – a place for Living, Working & Enjoyment
A policy document for supporting rural Ireland
2011-08-10Submission on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings
Submission to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings.
2011-08-10Measures to Improve the Efficiency & Competitiveness of Irish Agriculture
Measures to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of Irish agriculture through land mobility and structural change.
2011-06-08The Importance of Agriculture and the Food Industry to the Irish Economy
The Importance of Agriculture and the Food Industry to the Irish Economy – A Report by UCD
2011-02-25IFA Wage Setting Mechanisms Submission
IFA Submission to the Independent Review of ERO and REA Wage Setting Mechanisms
2010-12-07IFA Report on Budget 2011 – Key Decisions
IFA Report on Budget 2011 – Key Decisions
2010-06-02IFA Submission on the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013
IFA Submission to the European Agriculture Commissioner on the Common Agriculture Policy post 2013.
2010-05-21IFA Submission on Rural Development post – 2013
IFA Submission on Rural Development post – 2013
2010-04-23Reform of PRSI, Levies and Income Tax System
IFA Submission on Reform of PRSI, Levies and Income Tax System
2010-04-21IFA Submission on the Civil Partnership Bill
IFA Submission on the Cohabitant Provisions of the Civil Partnership Bill
2010-02-24Equity for Farmers in the Food Supply Chain
Equity for farmers in the Food Supply Chain. A message to retailers, processors and food suppliers - the food supply chain is broken.
2010-01-07IFA Farm Income Review 2009
IFA Farm Income Review 2009 National farm income in 2009 is estimated to be down by 29% on 2008. The main factors affecting farm incomes in 2009 have been the fall in product prices in almost all of the main farming systems, Government cuts in farm schemes and continuing high input costs.
2009-12-10IFA Budget Report 2010
IFA Budget Report 2010
2009-12-03IFA update on credit for farmers
IFA Report on the general credit situation for farmers is summarised.
2009-11-24IFA Estimate of Farm Income 2009
IFA’s preliminary estimate shows that National Farm Income in 2009 is likely to be down by approximately 28% on 2008
2009-11-18IMI Report on the IFA Economic Forum
IMI Report on Economic Forum of Irish Farming and Food Leaders
2009-11-11IFA Address to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs
Address by IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman Henry Burns to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs.
2009-10-21IFA 2010 Budget Submission
Achieving the Potential of the Agriculture Sector, Restoring Equity to the Taxation System, and supporting Renewable Energy.
2009-10-19The Shape of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013
IFA Submission to the Department of Agriculture
2009-10-06IFA Capital Gains Tax Report
IFA Concerns about the Proposed Capital Gains Tax on Windfall Gains
2009-10-02Vote Yes to Lisbon
Vote Yes to Europe – Best for Farmers – Best for Ireland
2009-09-04IFA Response to Bord Snip Proposals
IFA response to report of the special group on public service numbers and expenditure programmes (Bord Snip).
2009-07-06IFA Document on Economic Impact of Proposed Cuts
IFA Document on Economic Impact of Proposed Cuts

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