Horticulture Documents
2017-07-03IFA Submission on National Strategy & Environmental Framework for PO’s in the Fruit & Vegetable Sector
2017-06-14Ten priorities for the new Taoiseach
2017-05-05Submission on review of highly skilled and ineligible lists of employments
2017-01-25Submission on Retail Regulation to the Oirechtas Agriculture Committee
2017-01-12Submission to the Low Pay Commission Consultation on Board Lodgings
2015-07-14Measures to support the development of the Irish craft-cider sector
2015-03-02IFA Submission to Grocery Regulations Consultation Feb 2015
2015-02-16Submission on Consultation re. Garden Plants
Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 Consultation with Stakeholders on the need for Regulations to be introduced for the category of grocery goods ‘garden plants and garden plant bulbs’.
2014-04-08Trends & Challenges in Irish Potato Production
2014-04-08Equity for Farmers in the Food Supply Chain
2011-08-10Submission on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings
Submission to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings.
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