Business & Credit Policy

Business & Credit Policy
Farm Business & Credit Documents
2020-04-28IFA submission re. Consanguinity & Consolidation Reliefs for Stamp Duty
2020-03-09IFA submission to Low Pay Commission Consultation 2021
IFA submission to Low Pay Commission Consultation 2021
2020-03-02IFA submission to Finance Bill 2019
2020-03-02IFA Pre-Budget submission 2020
2020-03-02IFA Pre-Budget submission 2019
2018-06-01IFA Submission to Agri-Tax Review 2018
2017-07-12IFA Pre-Budget Submission 2018
2016-10-25IFA Briefing Note on The Finance Bill 2016
2016-07-26IFA Pre-Budget Submission 2017
2016-02-15Farm Income Review 2015
2015-07-22Pre-Budget Submission 2016
2015-06-04IFA Taxation Priorities – Proposals to Government 2015
IFA Taxation Priorities – Proposals to Government 2015
2015-01-13Farm Income Review 2014
The IFA Farm Income Review 2014 presents a snapshot of farm incomes in 2014 across the different sectors, and outlines the major factors that contributed to changes in income during the year. It also provides analysis on the demographic structure and challenges in farming currently, and presents a picture on the levels of investment ongoing in farming. Finally, the Review provides a look forward to the main issues likely to impact on farming and farm incomes in 2015.
2014-07-15IFA Pre-Budget Submission 2015
2014-05-23Agri taxation review
2013-11-07IFA Submission on “Pay and File” dates
IFA Submission to the Department of Finance Consultation on "Pay and File" dates
2013-10-252013 Finance Bill no. 2 – IFA Submission
2013 Finance Bill no. 2 - IFA Submission
2013-10-15IFA Report on Budget 2014 – Summary
IFA Report on Budget 2014 - Summary.
2013-10-15IFA Budget Report 2014
2013-07-31IFA 2014 Budget Submission
Investing in Agriculture for Economic Growth.
2013-06-12IFA Nitrates Review Submission June 2013
Review of Ireland’s Nitrates Action Programme Submission to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine & Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.
2013-04-09UCD Report on the Importance of the Cattle & Sheep Sectors to the Irish Economy
Report by Alan Renwick, Professor of AGriculture & Food Economics UCD.
2013-02-14Finance Bill 2013 – Briefing Report
Finance Bill 2013 - Taxation Issues relevant to Farmers.
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