Dairy Policy

Dairy Policy
Dairy Documents
2020-01-21IFA Submission on Public Consultation on the General Scheme on Employment Permits Bill
2019-11-06Managing Dairy Calves
Managing Dairy Calves
2019-05-29IFA Submission for the Extension of the General Employment Permit Pilot for Dairy Assistants
2017-05-05Submission on review of highly skilled and ineligible lists of employments
2016-03-11IFA Submission to Dairy Forum – 9th March 2016
IFA Submission to Dairy Forum - 9th March 2016
2015-10-07IFA Opening Statement to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture on Dairy
2015-07-09The Case for a Review of the EU Dairy Intervention Prices
The new 2014 to 2019 CAP retains the intervention system for butter and skimmed milk powder (SMP). However, now it is no longer about buying in product and building up stocks. Now, the EU Commission tells us, it is about providing a “safety net” which signals to markets a floor level below which dairy and milk prices cannot be allowed fall. However, that level is currently set very low—too low, and the legislation mandates the EU Commission to review it and adjust it when necessary.
2015-06-23The Case fora Higher EU Dairy “Safety Net”
The Case for a Higher EU Dairy Safety Net
2014-05-27IFA Guiding Principles for Milk Supply Agreements
After quota abolition from 1st April 2015, fair and equitable, negotiated and agreed Milk Supply Agreements will play a crucial role in providing farmers and milk purchasing/processing co-ops alike transparency, security and planning ability.
2014-05-27IFA submission on draft statutory instrument re. milk producer organisations
IFA's submission on the Department of Agriculture draft Statutory Instrument implementing the EU Milk Package "Producer Organisations" provisions.
2014-01-30IFA – Guidelines for the post 2015 relationship between co-ops and shareholders
Recommendations on the relationship between active shareholders and co-ops in the context of the post 2015 dairy expansion.
2013-03-19CAP Reform 2014- 2020 Report
Key Elements of Agreement of EU Council of Agricultural Ministers - CAP Reform 2014 - 2020.
2011-10-12IFA Submission to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
Review of the Children's Commercial Code
2011-08-10Submission on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings
Submission to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation on Code of Practice for Designated Grocery Goods Undertakings.
2010-06-02IFA Submission on the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013
IFA Submission to the European Agriculture Commissioner on the Common Agriculture Policy post 2013.
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