Jellyfish Swarm 2017

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Jellyfish Swarm 2017


Jellyfish Swarm 2017

Update on jellyfish swarm on the west coast – October 2017

A large stinger jellyfish swarm has occurred all along the west coast over the past number of weeks(beginning end of Sept 2017). The incident is well known to biologists, seafarers and all marine users. It was more severe in some areas than others.

Salmon farms were impacted by the swarm, which is to be expected, with varying levels of mortality and in one case (Killary) very severely.

Salmon farmers, as per the terms of their licences, informed the appropriate authorities in the Fish Health unit of the Marine Institute of the mortalities.

Procedures required under law and within certification systems, and which are necessary for environmental protection and are part of each company’s plans, were immediately implemented. These required the removal of mortalities and transportation to a rendering plant for disposal under By-Products regulations. This responsible and legally required action was documented and information is available to the authorities.

At no stage were any fish released. Salmon farmers wish to protect each and every fish alive so that they may on-grow them for the market.

It should be noted that despite highly erroneous claims by anti fish farm agitators, there has never been a case where salmon farmers have been compensated by the state, there is no mechanism to do so and no budget available. Salmon farmers are and always have been reliant on very expensive private insurance for any stock losses.

ISGA, October 2017

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