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IFA is protesting at the EU’s Food & Veterinary Office who is the body responsible for applying the EU’s food and feed safety standards.

This  is WHY we are PROTESTING.

The EU Beef Market is in CRISIS

At the current steer base price of €3.45/kg, Irish beef prices are down 45c/kg on last year or €160/head.

EU beef prices are down 6% on last year, with steer prices down 9.7%. For w/e July 21st. the average EU R3 male price was €3.51/kg excl. vat. R3 Irish steers were €3.53/kg and UK steers were €3.70/kg.

Brexit is Causing Unprecedented Market Disruptions

The UK leaving the EU presents the most serious threat to Irish farming and our agri-food sector in the history of the State.

The UK is Ireland’s largest market for food and drink, with 40% of our food exports destined for the UK. Our proximity and shared land border mean the UK is a hugely important market for all Irish goods and services, but farming has a much higher dependence on the UK market than any other sector.

Imports of Mercosur Beef will be DEVASTATING for Irish & EU Farmers

To allow the proposed volume of beef on to the EU market would have a severe impact on Irish and European farmers, who are already struggling from the impact of Brexit and falling consumption levels.

In Ireland, due to our higher level of exports, it is expected that this impact would be proportionately higher, potentially costing an estimated €500m to €750m.


An immediate ban on all substandard South American beef imports

✓ A further fund to compensate farmers who supplied cattle post-May 10th 2019 and are currently losing €4m per week on beef prices

 €1bn Brexit fund of market supports and direct aid for farmers

✓ An EU campaign to promote environmentally sustainable EU beef production

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