Farm Partnerships (was Milk Production Partnerships)

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Farm Partnerships (was Milk Production Partnerships)



In the 1990’s, IFA was instrumental in researching forms of farming partnerships in Europe, particularly France (the GAEC system), and ultimately, together with other organisations like Macra, ICOS and Teagasc, persuaded the Department of Agriculture to provide Production Partnerships in the milk sector.

In more recent times, with the end of quotas, the legal provisions governing farm partnerships were changed dramatically, and opened to all sectors.

Partnerships are only one form of collaborative farming, but have worked particularly well for dairy farm families, with parent/child arrangements often facilitating succession some time down the line.

However partnerships are rightly rigorously regulated, and must be officially registered.

Full details of how to form such a partnership, how to have it register, and how to claim all benefits associated with it can be found at the link below:

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