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ESB compensation

ESB Compensation

The agreement between the Irish Farmers’ Association and Electricity Supply Board covers the impact of ESB lines on existing and proposed forestry plantation. It establishes the guidelines whereby each case will be examined on an individual basis.  For details of the compensation agreement:

To claim compensation the ESB will require:

  1. Completed application form (click here form)
  2. Proof of grant approval letter and Ordnance Survey map
  3. Proof of Forest Premium loss (available on request from the Forest Service)
  4. Agreement to grant easement

All claims for compensation should be processed initially through the regional ESB office.

Bord Gais Compensation

The agreement between IFA and Bord Gais compensates forest owners that are affected by Bord Gais pipelines through their forestry land for loss of revenues from loss of annual premiums, thinnings and clearfell values of the timber crop.

Agreement with Bord Gais Eireann on compensation for gas pipeline wayleaves through forestry.

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