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IFA President Joe Healy said that every effort must be made to try and avoid the US applying the proposed tariffs, but the risk of US tariffs was already priced into international dairy market trends.

Positive news all round from pig factories was announced last Friday as a 4c/kg increase in the Irish pig prices was universally announced. Reports to the IFA indicate that farmers are receive from a low of €1.84c/kg up to an average of €1.86c/kg this week for pigs.

No change in the general quotes for pigs again this week, leaving the majority of prices being paid running from €1.80c/kg to €1.82c/kg. Spot prices have been reported well above this, and processors who mainly supply the domestic market are willing to pay the best prices to secure sufficient numbers.

Following reports that a meat processor is involved in importing pork from Poland, a country that is affected by African Swine Fever (ASF), IFA Pigs and Pigmeat Chairman Tom Hogan said there should be an immediate ban on any pork imports from countries affected by ASF in their commercial herd. ASF is a disease which […]

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