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Prices for pigs remain at similar quotes, with €1.96c/kg being achieved by most farmers. The pig market in continental Europe has seen a number of significant price decreases in recent weeks.

Its back to normality after two interrupted weeks over the Christmas period. Forward planning by both pig farmers and factories saw an increased kill in the run up to the end of December and there are no reports of any significant build up of factory fit stock on farms.

The pig trade remains very steady with no change in prices yet again. Hopes of a pre-Christmas price rise to reach €2/kg have rescinded as the next two festive weeks, with limited production, will not leave pig farmers with much bargaining power.

No change for a fourth week in succession, despite further pig price increases in continental Europe. A low price of €1.94c/kg in the south of the country is reported, but the majority of pig farmers report receiving €1.96c/kg this week.

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