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Stocks of Queen potatoes are running very low with many buyers actively ringing farmers trying to source remaining supplies. With these earlies cleared from the market, it augurs well for the main season crop.

Research conducted by Bord Bia indicated that potatoes are still the most consumed carbohydrate in Ireland with 97% of households purchasing potatoes and a recorded growth in purchase of 1.3% to September 2018.

Overall consumption is down slightly due to the hot weather conditions, however demand for new season crop remains very high. As dry conditions prevailed for the last few weeks, the North Western potato countries fear drought.

Overall dry conditions prevailed over the past week and irrigation is necessary for the development of   the main crop in many regions. Irrigation bans in parts of Belgium have brought about speculation that there is a wide range in yields between irrigated and non-irrigated crops with some main crop varieties  showing signs of early senescence.

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