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With the week of wet weather just passed and no settled weather forecasted, it is most likely that a lot of the crop that remains in the ground will not be lifted until next spring. Reports around the country indicate that a lot of growers still have 15%-20% of crop left to harvest.

Frosty conditions over the past week are a major concern for growers, ultimately leading to crop losses. The severity of losses is not yet known. The weather outlook for the next week is unsettled making it more likely that remaining crop will not be harvested until next Spring.

Very little progress has been made on the potato harvest in the past week. A lot of growers around the country have still 20 to 30 % of their crop to harvest. With no major improvement in the weather outlook it is increasingly likely that these remaining potatoes may not be harvested until next Spring. […]

Reports around the country indicate that lifting progress is on average between 60 and 70%, a significant improvement on this time two weeks ago. A lot of the remaining crop to be harvested remains on heavier ground and lifting is likely to remain difficult with more rain forecast.

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