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Consumption and sales remain stable this week in contrast with a normal lull for the first weeks of January. Growers are reporting that orders are reasonable, wet cold weather conditions most likely driving sales. The majority of the main season crop is now lifted with an estimated maximum of 5% remaining in the ground.

  Over 130,000 farmers and their families will be working this Christmas Day to provide food for Irish consumers.

Growers continue to lift remaining crop where possible, however, ground conditions are getting increasingly difficult. It is most likely that a lot of remaining crop will be left in the ground until springtime. Demand has been very strong over the past week as growers meet Christmas orders.

The return of wet weather conditions means that unfortunately liftings have failed to progress over the last week. Many growers indicate that 10% of their crops remain to be harvested. For some individual cases 30-40% of crops remain to be harvested mainly in the Dublin/Louth region.

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