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No change from Irish processor with Irish pig farmers receiving €1.38-1.42c/kg. Demand from factories is meeting supply with no issues getting an extra load of pigs away this week. Last weeks kill remained high with just over 70 thousand throughput.

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No change in any quotes for this week’s pig kill from a low of €1.38c/kg to €1.42c/kg with suppliers to both Dawn Pork and Bacon and Staunton’s at the higher end of these quotes. Last week saw another large kill with 71,837 pigs killed in the Republic of Ireland and over 7,000 pigs travelled across the border for slaughter. IFA Pigs Chairman Tom Hogan said that frustration at farm level was building and he called on the main processors to recognise the financial crisis that pig farmers are enduring. He urged all pig factory bosses to increase pig prices in the lead up to Christmas.

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