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TAMS approvals have issued to 736 farmers who applied under the first tranche of the scheme, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed to IFA.

A further 2,539 tranche 1 application files have been cleared and sent to the local offices for the issuing of approvals.

The applications due for imminent approval include 851 files under the Animal Welfare scheme, 453 under the Young Farmer scheme, 1,024 under the Dairy Equipment scheme, 55 under the pigs and poultry scheme and 156 under LESS.

TAMS Tranche II approvals are also due to commence shortly – so far, 755 of 2,222 application files have been sent to local Department offices for the issuing of approvals.

IFA has also got confirmation that those farmers who got part approval for dairy equipment and LESS at the end of 2015/early 2016 will be able to apply for payment towards the end of July.

Scheme amendments
IFA is seeking changes to the TAMS scheme to be implemented at the end of the year. Proposals include rubber slat mats, field drainage, underpasses, feed bins. IFA is also suggesting the relaxation of the 5-year young farmer rule.

IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has urged Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to move urgently on getting the Locally Led Agri-environment Scheme up and running as farmers are losing out due to environmental restrictions applying on their land.

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With TAMS approvals due to commence, IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has called for all 5,000 farmers who have applied for tranche 1 and tranche 2 of the TAMS scheme to be given approval to proceed with urgent work.

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At a meeting in Brussels with EU Commission Rural Development officials this week, IFA got assurances that amendments to Ireland’s 2014-2020 Rural Development Plan can be implemented. It is now up to Minister Coveney to implement all amendments without delay.

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IFA Hill Committee Chairman Pat Dunne has said the prospective TDs must give a strong commitment that hill farming issues will be to the fore in the next Government.

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