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IFA Farm Business Skillnet is rolling out a programme to ensure all IFA Commodity Committees are equipped to provide the best possible representation for their fellow farmers on important agriculture issues.

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Under the terms of the GLAS scheme, all farmers in the scheme must attend a GLAS Training Course carried out by an GLAS approved trainer in order to comply with the scheme .

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Targeted accessible training is vital to develop the diverse range of skills farmers need, James Murphy, IFA Farm Business Skillnet Chairman has said.

James Murphy was speaking following a meeting between the IFA’s Farm Business Skillnet Steering Committee and Skillnets CEO Paul Healy and Programme Support Manager Mick McHugh to discuss the current training requirements in the agriculture sector.

“In order to run their farm businesses as efficiently and competitively as possible, farmers need convenient, accessible and worthwhile upskilling opportunities in a range of areas.

“The funding support provided by Skillnets allows farmers in all sectors to address gaps in their skillset from practical skills, to areas such as financial literacy, information technology, and health and safety.

“We would like to see further investment in training for the agriculture sector and a firm focus on farming, as an occupation that requires a diverse skillset and faces a number of challenges, not least addressing volatility and falling incomes.

“Farmers need to be able to maximise their business and financial skills, and to adapt and develop their skills to take full advantage of the advances in agriculture and information technology.

“It is always worth investing in the growth and future of farming – a sector that supports upwards of 300,000 jobs all over the country. We need to identify the skills farmers will rely on in the future and put in place training opportunities to meet those needs. We need also to anticipate and address any barriers to participation.”

James Murphy also pointed out that, “The leadership training provided through Farm Business Skillnet is of significant benefit to the wider rural community as IFA members bring the skills and knowledge they gain to their involvement in local community groups and initiatives.”

IFA Farm Business Skillnet, which is supported through Skillnet, provides training to groups of IFA members in a range of areas. Find out more about subsidised training available at

IFA Farm Business Skillnet is inviting IFA members to avail of subsidised training, tailored to their needs.

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