Tim Cullinan

Tim Cullinan

Tim Cullinan

About Tim

I’ve been farming in Toomevara for over 40 years. In my lifetime experience of dairy, beef, tillage, and pig farming, I have never seen farm incomes so severely challenged or witnessed so much frustration amongst IFA members.

I want to put the fight back into IFA to deliver for farmers and to meet the unprecedented challenges facing farmers over the next four years.

My 15-year track record in IFA Committees and County Roles is proof that my presidency would be all about making a stand, fighting for farmers and getting results.

Whether it was securing the Nitrates Derogation, going to war with supermarkets on prices, taking on the Department of Agriculture and winning on farm inspections, securing bonus payments from retailers for quality of our produce, or negotiating a substantial compensation package for farmers devastated by the dioxin crisis – I was fearlessly on the farmers’ side.

The power of IFA, properly harnessed, can deliver for farmers. But only strong and focused IFA leadership can make that happen.

I believe farmers can trust me to provide the type of leadership that is needed to make IFA and the IFA membership a powerful, relevant and campaigning force that will deliver for farmers.

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