24 May 2017



24 MAY

Environment Committee Chairman Thomas Cooney and Thomas Ryan met with DG Environment on Nitrates Review and other issues in Brussels today.





11 MAY

Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady discusses ANC payments with EU Commission officials Tarja Tiainen-Balsby & Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann in Brussels





10 MAY

IFA’s John Coughlan led delegation of 6 EU Farming Associations to discuss fertiliser issues with Estonian Government Representatives in Brussels





03 MAY

Joe Healy speaking at a EuroCommerce Event in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Read here what he had to say about unfair trading practices




03 MAY

James Murphy before his address to the European Horse Network  Event in the European Parliament in Brussels



29 April

IFA President Joe Healy outlining IFA Brexit priorities to Heads of State before the Special European Council in Brussels.

More information here


27 April

IFA President Joe Healy is outlining IFA Brexit priorities to EU Farm Association Presidents in Brussels


13 April

The IFA delegation who met with Michel Barnier included President Joe Healy; Director General, Damian McDonald; Director of European Affairs, Liam McHale; Chief Economist, Rowena Dwyer; and, IFA Brexit Co-ordinator, Elaine Farrell.

Speaking following the meeting, Joe Healy said the engagement had been very constructive, “It is clear that Mr. Barnier and his team have a very good understanding of Irish agriculture and the very real threats posed by Brexit,” he said. Read Statement in Full here

10 April

IFA President Joe Healy chaired the COPA/COGECA Food Chain Working Group today in Brussels discussing consolidation in the food chain

07 April

IFA with Pekka Pesonen, COPA General Secretary, and Dr. William Rolleston, President of the World Farmers Organisation, at todays WFO Workshop on the Value chain in Brussels

06 April

IFA’s Ethan Cleary in Brussels today discussing innovative technology for the Cereals Sector with Max Schulman Chairman of the COPA/COGEGA Cereals Committee

06 April

IFA’s Ethan Cleary attended the COPA Task Force on Agriculture Technology today in Brussels

06 April

IFA’s Rowena Dwyer presenting the IFA Policy on Brexit at a COPA meeting of Farming Associations in Brussels

06 April

IFA’s Rowena Dwyer is contributing to the COPA Post 2020 CAP Position document at meeting of Farming Associations in Brussels

05 April

Angus Woods  IFA Chairman of the EU Beef Civil Dialogue Group and Kevin Kinsella  IFA Livestock Director met with  Joaquim Ordeig Vila and Kai-Uwe Sprenger, DG Agriculture, in Brussels to discuss issues regarding the EU beef situation.

05 April

IFA’s Angus Woods and Kevin Kinsella attending meeting with Commission on beef trade issues at COPA Beef Working Group in Brussels

27 March

IFA Committee Chairman Thomas Hogan and Robert Malone attended the COPA/COGECA Working Party on Pigmeat in Brussels. They are pictured here with Antonio Tavares who was re-elected Chair of the COPA/COGECA Working Party on Pigmeat.

23 March

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods has met with Irish MEPs, senior officials in the EU Commission in DG Sante, DG Agriculture, Commissioner Hogan’s cabinet and COPA, to reiterate the IFA call for a ban on Brazilian meat imports. More information here



23 March

IFA called for Commissioner Andriukaiti to attend a debate on the Brazilian meat scandal IFA when they met Jim Nicholson, MEP, and Mairead McGuinness, MEP in the European Parliament in Brussels




23 March

IFA met with Sean Kelly, MEP, and Marian Harkin, MEP,  in Brussels  to seek full backing to ban imports of Brazilian meat. Read what IFA have to say here




21 March

“We should suspend all meat imports from Brazil”: statement by Jean Pierre Fleury, Chairman COPA Working Party on Beef  in the European Parliament


21 March

Meeting with Ms. C. Mc Camphill from the European Commission-DG Environment regarding challenges for water sustainability in agriculture at an Event in the European Parliament


10 March

IFA Livestock Director Kevin Kinsella at a meeting of the EU Commission Civil Dialogue Group on International Aspects of Agriculture in Brussels.  IFA raised specific issues on beef and the EU/Mercosur negotiations regarding standards and damage to the EU beef sector.


09 March

Kevin Kinsella met the Finnish Farming Association President and executives in Brussels to discuss  CAP post2020 issues


07 March

Big agenda for IFA Dairy Team Catherine Lascurettes and Liam Dunne at the COPA Dairy meeting in Brussels: markets, milk package, EU prod red scheme, Brexit and CAP Reform.


07 March

Liam MacHale briefed a Fianna Fáil delegation on the priorities for Irish Agriculture in Brexit negotiations


07 March

Liam McHale engages in lively debate on Brexit with a delegation of young farmers in the European Parliament hosted by Matt Carthy, MEP


06 March

Liam Dunne discussing CAP post-2020 at the COPA Cereals Working Party in Brussels


28 February

IFA’s Maura Canning attending the COPA  Women’s Committee meeting in Brussels to discuss pensions, social protection and the role of women in rural areas


23 February

IFA’s James Murphy was elected Chairman of the COPA Working Group on Horses taking over from Pascal Bioulac, France


16 February

Joe Brady and Gerry Gunning and Liam MacHale met with French counterparts FNSEA in Paris this morning to discuss ANC mapping and payment criteria


14 February

Joe Brady and Gerry Gunning discussing issues on Ireland’s rural development programmes including delayed payments at COPA  meeting on Rural Development in Brussels




09 February

IFA attending CAP Post 2020 discussion in Brussels, including Professor Alan Matthews, Tassos Haniotis, European Commission DG Agri and Jan Huitema MEP




08 February

IFA Environment Chair Thomas Cooney in the European Parliament Brussels for an important debate on EU climate and energy package




07 February


IFA met with a delegation from the Joint Committee on EU Affairs from the Houses of the Oireachtas  in Brussels to discuss Trade, Economics and Brexit




07 February


IFA attended a Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Event hosted by Luke Ming Flanagan, MEP, in the European Parliament Brussels





31 January


IFA attended a Commission Event on the  Promotion of Agricultural Products and queried them on Market Disturbance support as a result of Brexit





26 January


IFA’s President Joe Healy chairing the COPA/COGECA Food Chain Committee meeting  in Brussels with discussions on UTPs and Best Practices for strengthening farmers position in the Food Supply Chain





26 January

IFA’s President Joe Healy chaired high level event with European Commission on addressing issues in the Food Chain






25 January


IFA’s President Joe Healy met with  Commissioner Phil Hogan in Brussels to discuss ANCs, CAP, Food Chain, Fertiliser Trade and Brexit





20 January


IFA’s Liam MacHale with Commissioner Phil Hogan at the EU Commission Event on Declaration on Rural Development in Berlin





20 January


Liam MacHale attended UECBV/ Copa-Cogeca Seminar on “Healthy EU Pigs to Open New Market Opportunities” in Berlin which was addressed by Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis





13 January

IFA and CMP discussed Impact of Brexit on Irish mushroom sector at the GEPC meeting with the European Commission in Brussels




12 January

IFA attended the COPA Task Force meeting on Fertilisers today in Brussels




10 January

IFA attended a discussion on Future CAP in the European Parliament with Professor Alan Matthews, Mairead McGuinness, MEP and Janez Potocnik (RISE Foundation)




10 January

Liam MacHale met with Sean Kelly, MEP, on Carbon emissions targets and climate change policy




09 January

IFA President meets Mairead Mc Guinness, MEP, Meurig Raymond, NFU President, and Commissioner Phil Hogan at the European Parliament Hearing on “Conclusions of the Agricultural Markets Task Force – AMTF” in Brussels.

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