IFA Gets Assurance Tams Sheep Fencing Grant Will Be Included Before End of Current Tranche

IFA Rural Development Chairman Joe Brady has got a commitment that the TAMS sheep fencing scheme will be available to apply for two weeks before the end of the current tranche on June 24th.

At a meeting with the Department of Agriculture this week, IFA pointed out that unless the scheme was introduced in this tranche, little or no sheep fencing would be completed this year.

The Department of Agriculture indicated to IFA that there will be no minimum sheep number requirement similar to the last scheme, with the investment limit being integrated into the overall maximum of €80,000 for TAMS. IFA called for the tillage measure to be implemented in a similar way.

Sheep farmers interested in this measure should plan their investment and be ready to make an application in June.

At the same meeting, Joe Brady again raised concerns on TAMS approvals. While assurances were given that approvals will commence next week, IFA said farmers will only believe the process has begun when approvals are actually issued. He said, a lot of investment expenditure is now on hold and farmers’ patience is at breaking point.

GLAS and Locally Led Scheme

IFA also raised the reopening of GLAS in the autumn, the Locally Led Agri-Environment Scheme, and outstanding part payments for GLAS and AEOS.

IFA Hill Chairman Pat Dunne, who also attended the meeting with top Department of Agriculture officials, said hill farmers are due additional monies as commonage farmers were paid on up to 17ha when the 2015 part payment were made earlier this year. Hill farmers who have more than 17ha will be paid on up to 42ha in June. In some case this could mean a payment of €750.

Pat Dunne said farmers in hen harrier and upland areas are demanding that the Locally Led Scheme is in place immediately with meaningful payments for specific actions.

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