Climate Action in Agriculture: A Balanced Approach

On Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020 IFA held a half-day conference with the objective of rebalancing the debate around climate action.
Entitled ‘Climate Action in Agriculture – A Balanced Approach’, the event featured one of the foremost experts in the world on the important role of farming in the climate debate, Dr Frank Mitloehner from UC Davis, California.

Other speakers included Prof. John Fitzgerald, Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council, and Dr Frank O’Mara of Teagasc

The event also heard from Tom Arnold, Chair of the Government’s 2030 agri-food strategy, Prof. Alice Stanton of the Royal College of Physicians and various IFA representatives.

Climate Action Videos

Presentations from the day

To view the full presentations from the speakers, click on the images below.

Livestock and Climate

Professor Frank Mitloehner.

Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis.

From Calculations to Climate Action

Professor Frank O’Mara.

Director of Research, Teagasc.

Holding Government & Society to Account for Climate Action

Professor John FitzGerald.

Climate Change Advisory Council.