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Irish Grass-based System is Unique in the EU & Must be Defended
Nitrates Derogation
Upcoming Elections an Opportunity to Tackle Over-Regulation and Low Incomes
European and Local Elections
IFA seek Meeting with Minister O’Donnell as Lough Funshinagh at Crisis Point
IFA Shannon & Flooding Project Team Meet to Set Out Priorities
Transport Scheme For Fodder a Good Step
Farm Incomes
Tirlan Package an Important Step to Support Farmers
Top-up on March Milk Needed Given Weather Conditions
Farm Incomes
Below-Cost Selling by Retailers is Morally Wrong
Below Cost Selling
Co-ordinated Approach Needed to Support Farmers Through Difficult Weather Conditions
Farm Incomes
Weather Deepening Crisis at Farm Level With Tillage on the Brink
Farm Incomes
Time to Park Up NRL to Allow Proper Consultation
EU Green Deal
Absence of Amendments in New Industrial Directive Disappointing
EU Green Deal