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IFA & HSE Join Encourage Farmers to be SunSmart to Reduce Risks of Skin Cancer
Farm Safety
Support Scheme a Step Forward, But More Needed
Food Security
EU Commission Funding Gives Govt Opportunity to Provide Package of €50m
Food Security
Legislation Must Give New Office of Fairness and Transparency Real Powers
Unfair Trading Practices
Govt Must do More for Farmers on Input Costs
Supports Vital for Farmers to Comply with new Nitrates Programme
Disappointment at Lack of Any Proposals from the Minister
Agrifood Strategy
Minister Needs to Come Forward with Real Measures, Not Just Soundbites
Agrifood Strategy
Stronger Regulation Needed to Protect Farmers – IFA President
Below Cost Selling
Dept of Agriculture Refusing to Face Farmers Taking Biggest Hit in CAP Plan
IFA Contacts Key International Public Health Agencies on Red Meat Data
Meat and Dairy Facts
Scientists Raise Serious Questions about Reliability of Data on Impact of Red Meat
Meat and Dairy Facts