Enough is Enough

Find Out if Your Local Election Candidate Supports IFA’s Political Priorities

IFA has surveyed election candidates in rural areas to establish if they support IFA’s five key local election priorities.

Voters who want to find out which candidates endorsed the key asks can find the details on the IFA website here.

Nearly 400 candidates from around the country have responded to the IFA survey sent to candidates outside urban areas.

As part of our Enough is Enough campaign, IFA has been engaging with candidates across the country and discussing our key issues, which are listed under the acronym PLACE.

They are: Planning; Residential Zoned Land Tax; Ash Dieback; Connectivity and Environmental inspections.

IFA held four regional meetings for our European election candidates and this survey is designed to secure commitments from local elections candidates. 

IFA President Francie Gorman said the IFA Election Manifesto identifies the challenges that farmers are facing, and what candidates should focus on to support farm families.

“We have received very strong support from those candidates who responded to our survey. If they are elected later this week, farmers will expect them to work to seek solutions to the issues we have raised,” he said.

The IFA President encouraged everybody in a farming household to cast their vote on Friday.

“I’m asking anybody with a connection to farming to visit the website and see what commitments your candidate has given and come out and vote on Friday,” he concluded.

IFA made every effort to contact all those running, including a social media campaign and an ad in the Farmers Journal. For those who have not replied, the survey can be found in the link above.

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