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There are a wide range of technological innovations promising to significantly improve the way we grow, produce and distribute food. The challenges facing farmers today are immense: producing more and better using less inputs, in an environmentally sustainable way while keeping up the pace with consumer demands. So we will need to harness these technologies for our benefit.

We are taking a different approach and working with farmers as co-creators to help us make the right choices regarding digital technologies, tools and techniques. We are working closely with our partners in the different business sectors to find the best solutions that focus on real farmer problems. We are here to support and work with farmers as they embark on what can be a steep learning curve.

We will be sharing our growing insight over the coming months through reports, updates and videos to help our members make the right decisions for their businesses. We will be highlighting some of the technology initiatives that IFA is currently involved with and giving details about what we have planned for the future.

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Digital Agricultural Technology: Attitudes & Adoption Study

Farm Business Skillnet, IFA’s training division, recently undertook a significant research project which was funded and supported by Skillnet Ireland. We surveyed almost 800 individual farmers and conducted focus groups and interviews with IFA committees and other industry stakeholders. The goal of this research is to:

  • establish the current awareness and usage of farm technology,
  • the barriers and positives of digital technology
  • and the most effective approaches to training and education and any additional support requirements.

Key players across the industry such as agri-businesses, government, technology companies, research bodies, and most importantly farmers themselves, can use these the findings and recommendations from this research to help farming transition to a digital future which will benefit the economy as a whole.

Report Summary

Soil Technology Pilot Project

IFA is delighted to announce the piloting of an ‘Internet of Things’ project which aims to give farmers greater insight into their soils across the farm, leading to the optimised use of fertilisers and other inputs with the outcome of a reduction in costs.

The ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT is where physical objects such as sensors, machines, equipment, buildings and vehicles are able to communicate, collect and exchange data with other objects and people. 

Remote Signals, our software and hardware partner, will be providing custom-built sensors to give real-time insights into soil temperature and moisture with the information rendered in an easy to use dashboard. This will all be connected through Vodafone’s revolutionary new Narrowband IoT network offers wide area connectivity with sensors and devices that can last a long time while also accessing strong network coverage even if they’re located underground, like our soil sensors, or deep within buildings.

Finally, and most importantly, this will all be rolled-out on real farms, used by real-farmers with their feedback essential in helping us to build the best solution possible.

Ag IoT Project Launch

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