Banking & Credit

IFA Helpline

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can contact the IFA debt support service on 0818 924 853.

Making a bank credit application

The application process for bank credit has become more detailed and onerous in recent years. Existing borrowers and new applicants are required to provide significant information to support their borrowing, including accounts, business plans, profit monitors, etc.

Below are some resources to assist farmer borrowers in this process, to provide them with information prior to making an application, and increase their chances of a successful application.

Declined credit?

The Credit Review Office provides assistance to farm borrowers who have had an application for credit of up to €500K declined or reduced, and who feel that they have a viable business proposition.

Facing financial difficulties?

IFA operates a confidential debt support helpline to assist farmers with financial difficulties. You can contact 1890 924 853 for support and advice.

IFA’s debt support team is committed to providing the information, resources and support to help farmers deal with their situation will give guidance and professional support to members if required.

Fill out a Credit Record Sheet to help IFA officers to assist you with your credit case.