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Deadline for IFA Survey of Local Election Candidates Extended

Ahead of polling day for the local elections on Fri, June 7th, IFA has been compiling the responses of candidates to the key asks in our Election Manifesto.

IFA has been engaging with candidates across the country and discussing our key issues, which are listed under the acronym PLACE.

They are: Planning; Residential Zoned Land Tax; Ash Dieback; Connectivity; and Environmental inspections.

The deadline for responses has been extended to Mon next, June 3rd, at 12 noon. For any candidate who hasn’t responded, there is an opportunity to complete the survey here.

IFA intends to publish the responses of each candidate on our website on Tuesday next, June 4th. 

IFA President Francie Gorman said the IFA Election Manifesto identifies the challenges that farmers are facing, and what candidates should focus on to support farm families.

“We have received very strong support from those candidates who responded to our survey. If they are elected next week, farmers will expect them to work to seek solutions to the issues we have raised,” he said.

The IFA President encouraged everybody in a farming household to cast their vote on Fri, June 7th.

“I’m asking anybody with a connection to farming to use their ballot next week. It’s an opportunity to engage with the political process and identify those candidates who have the best understanding of the challenges that farmers face,” he concluded.

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