IFA Says Finished Cattle Supplies Will Remain Very Tight

IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Michael Doran said finished cattle supplies remain extremely tight with the kill at less than 27,000 per week. He said over the last 3 weeks, factories have witnessed some of the lowest weekly kills on record and this trend is likely to continue given the high level of live exports last year and the latest CMMS data showing a reduction of 177,000 cattle in the country.

Michael Doran said factories and agents have reverted to their usual bluffing game in an attempt to try and get out stock by using threatening talk on prices. Farmers should dismiss this propaganda and demand top prices for their stock. The reality is factories need the cattle and supplies are extremely tight.”

He pointed out that the CMMS figures show a reduction of over 170,000 head in the 12 – 30 month age bracket for male animals. This is a massive reduction in future slaughterings and will ensure that finished cattle supplies remain very tight for the remainder of this year.

The IFA livestock leader said cattle prices in our main export market in the UK remain very firm with R grade steers reported at £3.10 – £3.15/kg, equivalent to €3.75 – €3.80/kg. He said with UK slaughterings up 10% or 130,000 head to June of this year, cattle supplies for the second half of 2011 will also be very tight in our main export market.

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