Lambs Very Scarce and Prices Beginning to Rise

Sheep Welfare Scheme

IFA National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey has said lambs are very scarce this week and factories are finding it very difficult to get adequate numbers.

He said factories are having to increase prices from their quotes of €5.15 to €5.20/kg and deals are being done at €5.25, with finishers holding out for more.

The IFA sheep farmer leader said ewes are making €3.00/3.20/kg with good demand.

John Lynskey said, with hogget numbers very tight and no availability of spring lamb, the market should improve over the next number of weeks. He said demand will be strong, driven by Easter and the Ramadan Muslim festival.

John Lynskey said early lamb producers need a price in the order of €7.00/kg in order to cover costs and leave a reasonable margin.

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