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Pig Market Update 3rd November

The Irish pig price fell this week in some processing plants by 4c/kg while no change was seen from other plants.  Farmers are now receiving quotes for this week ranging from €1.44c/kg up to €1.48 or €1.46 – €1.50/kg for some. Throughput last week amounted to 58,921 on the back of the shorter working week with the October bank holiday.  

The DETE released a quota of general employment permits for Non-EEA workers. 500 Meat Deboners and 1500 Meat Processing Operatives working permits were released which will play a significant role in helping to ensure pigmeat is processed in a timely fashion as is required. While the quota of permits released is very good news for the sector, it is now essential that the permits are processed quickly as the timeframe can be extensive to have those who will be employed as a result of the quota ready to commence.  There is also a need to have a quota issued for pig farm operatives as this area has not been addressed.   

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