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Potato Market Update 3rd July

Demand remains very strong for any new season crop fit for harvest. Only small quantities are available at present with very strong prices quoted for available produce. In this week’s Teagasc newsletter, growers are reminded not to clear fields at the expense of reduced yields when there is significant demand for produce. It is already muted that home saved seed may affect both yield and quality at harvest. 

Across Europe similar challenges are currently experienced. Prices for early crop are currently very high and demand exceeds supply. Agronomists continue to report emergence issues with later plantings – mainly due to seed health and viability – and comment that the problem “is only likely to get worse”. Exports of ware from France to the U.K to the end of April were 12,019 tonnes compared to 911 tonnes over the same period last year.

Rooster box €700€800€750
Rooster 10kg €8.50€9.50€9
Kerr Pinks 10kg €9€10€9.50

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