Bargain Hard on Lamb Price and Weight to Get the Best Deal – IFA

IFA National Sheep chairman John Lynskey said lamb supplies have tightened this week, with some factories offering up to €5.00/kg to get numbers.

He said the general run of prices is €4.80/kg with good solid demand as numbers have become tighter. “There is a range of prices on offer from quotes as low as €4.60 to paid prices of €4.90 and top offers of €5.00/kg. Farmers need to bargain hard on both weights and prices to make sure they are getting the best deal.”

In addition, John Lynskey said some of the factories have started to move up on carcase weights, with the tighter supplies. He said there is also a range of weights on offer, with some plants trying to keep them at 21kgs and others paying up to 22kgs. In July he said it is normally 21,5kgs and this should move up to 22kgs in August.

John Lynskey said the store trade remains very strong, keeping a solid base in the factory trade, particularly for lighter lambs.

He said with the Sterling exchange rate improving to 70p against the Euro, UK lambs are making the equivalent of €4.80 t0 €5.00/kg.

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