Dept Decision to Allow Farmers Apply for 3-crop Rule Derogation Welcome

IFA National Grain Chairman Mark Browne has welcomed the decision by the Department of Agriculture to allow farmers to apply for the derogation on the 3-crop rule. He said the extension would alleviate some of the pressure on farms during this difficult time.

Last January, it applied only to farmers who declared winter crops, maize or potatoes on their 2019 BPS application and who could demonstrate that they were adversely affected by the weather conditions in late 2019.

IFA had previously highlighted the need to extend the derogation to all farmers who may not have planted Winter crops in 2019, if further wet conditions prevented plantings this Spring.

With many parts of the country having experienced the wettest February on record, IFA had requested DAFM to extend the process to allow all farmers seek a derogation on the 3-crop rule.

Notwithstanding the derogation on crop diversification requirements and the lateness of the season, Mark Browne encouraged farmers to plant, weather allowing, already scheduled crops of Spring wheat and beans in particular. This will ensure there will be sufficient spring barley seed and ensure the native supply of wheat and protein crops.

Mark Browne concluded by saying tillage farmers were facing into a major workload in the coming weeks and it’s important to farm safely and follow all guidelines in relation to workplace health and safety.

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