More Stability in the Lamb Trade This Week

Sheep Welfare Scheme

IFA National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey has said there is more stability in the lamb market this week and clear indications of more buoyancy in the mart trade for lambs.

John Lynskey said factories are paying €4.60/kg to get lambs and prices of €4.65/kg and some deals as high as €4.70 for group lambs have been paid this week. He added that some deals involve weights of up to 23kgs in places.

In the marts, John Lynskey said there is more bite with numbers of lambs much tighter and prices up by €4 to €5 per head in places. He said the report from a number of marts is that there is good life in the trade and solid demand for lambs.

Cull ewes are making from €2.30/kg to €2.50/kg at the factories.

Sheep scheme update

The IFA Sheep Chairman said the details of the new €10 per ewe sheep scheme are progressing both at home and in Brussels.

He said IFA recently met with the Department of Agriculture and highlighted the need to ensure that the full €25m is drawn down under the scheme. This will require that all sheep farmers apply on close to 2.5m ewes.

In addition, he said IFA has demanded that new entrants and young farmers developing their flocks are accommodated.

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