Eu Commission Move Welcome, but Further Measures Needed to Restore Producer Price

Reacting to the announcement from the EU Commission that it is re-introducing Aids to Private Storage for pig producers, IFA Pigs Chairman Tim Cullinan said the market measure must support the price of pigmeat and deliver an immediate price increase back to farmers. However, he said this was not a long-term solution for production.

“An immediate introduction of the scheme may put a floor under EU markets by removing excess product thereby bringing about price increases in countries.”
Mr Cullinan said the introduction of export refunds when this meat is released is vital. There is a real danger that even if the release is over a considerable time frame, a negative impact on the market will be experienced.
He said, “Long-term realistic prices are vital for the future production of pigs in Ireland. Any measures implemented must ensure that a viable price covering the cost of production and a margin is achieved for producers who are under severe financial pressure because of rising feed costs and credit restrictions.”
Mr Cullinan said a significant price increase for the primary producer is needed to stem the losses on farms and to safeguard pig production in this country.
Concluding, he said IFA would be seeking a commitment from the banking sector that farmers would be supported through this crisis.

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