IFA Potato Committee Visit Tayto Park

Members of the IFA Potato Committee recently visited Tayto Park in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, in the first in a series of visits to see different sectors of the potato market in Ireland.

Speaking after the visit, IFA Potato Committee Chairman Thomas Carpenter said, “Tayto, which is owned by Largo Foods, is a strong Irish brand that has stood the test of time and is the biggest selling crisp brand in Ireland.”

Mr. Carpenter acknowledged the commitment of Largo Foods to the Irish potato sector, purchasing and processing up to 35,000 tonnes of Irish potatoes annually. “Relying almost 100% on Irish potatoes, Largo Foods is a key player in the potato industry and ensures that all crisp brands produced by Largo are distinctly Irish. They are not only manufactured here, but also and most importantly, they are grown here.”

The IFA Potato Chairman said, “Largo Foods CEO Raymond Coyle is further promoting the Irish brand by the opening this year of the ‘Tayto Park’ which so far has been a resounding success. This sizeable investment is a milestone in ensuring the future success of the brand and therefore the long term viability of growing potatoes for this sector.”

“Branding initiatives like this are vital if we are to get the message to the Irish consumer that the product is completely Irish, from growing through to processing. In difficult economic times for the country, it has never been so important that the Irish consumer buys Irish grown and processed food,” he concluded.

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