Pig Farms Now Aujesky’s Free Status – Increased Live Exports Now Feasible

IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Tim Cullinan has welcomed the announcement that Ireland has achieved Aujeszky’s Disease-free status. This is a hugely beneficial achievement for the country.
Tim Cullinan said ‘Although this programme has been running for some time, it was farmers’ cooperation particularly in the last year that resulted in this success for the entire country. This status will enable our factories to explore new markets, maintain existing markets and Irish pig farmers will be able to export live without additional costs and bureaucracy.”

Mr. Cullinan said ‘This further underpins the high health status of the Irish pig herd. Irish farmers work to some of the world’s highest production standards and I hope that any benefits in terms of markets or increased prices will be returned to farmers by the processors.”

Concluding, Mr. Cullinan said, “The Aujeszkys free status which will help with exports could also help sustain the Irish pig industry and bring pig producers back into profitability”.

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