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Pig Market Update 24th November

Pig factories that had held the pig price above €1.60c/kg for last week’s suppliers, followed the downward trend by reducing quotes for this week by 4c/kg. This leaves the general run of quotes as low as €1.56kg in Rosderra and Kepak, with other processors up to 4c/kg above these quotes.

Reports from suppliers do indicate 2c/kg extra is being paid on top of base quotes. The downward trend is extremely worrying, especially when you look at the European pig market. Germany and Denmark continue to be under severe pressure to handle the backlog of fit pigs. The Chinese import restriction on any country with a positive ASF in wild boar has caused major disturbance to the entire EU marketplace. Emergency crisis funds and immediate intervention is being lobbied for in Germany and the EU Commission. With a pig price far below the cost of production and limited outlets for their pigs, action is needed immediately. The solution lies at EU Commission level and the IFA, through COPA will support proposals to deal with the current crisis.

Rosderra, Kepak and Cookstown all reduced price by 4c/kg on Friday 13th November, while Staunton’s and Dawn P&B reduced their suppliers by 4c/kg on Friday 20th.

Rosderra: €1.56-1.58c/kg

Kepak: €1.56-1.58c/kg

Cookstown(NI): €1.58-1.62c/kg

Dawn P&B: €1.58-1.60c/kg

Stauntons: €1.56-1.60c/kg

Sows: €0.46-0.52ckg

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