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Pig Market Update 26th January

Pig prices remain unchanged in plants this week and farmers are receiving quotes of €1.40c/kg up to €1.44 or €1.46 – €1.50/kg. The weekly throughput figure was 72,458 for week ending 23/01/21.

  The pig sector is enduring difficult very difficult conditions at the moment.  The factors which leave the farmer in negative margins today are largely outside the farm gate; market situations, feed costs, fuel costs, energy costs and so on.  Teagasc advisors are on the ground and are working with farmers to ensure that on farm efficiency is achieved and on focusing on projections specific to the farm during this difficult period. 

On the European market, pig prices have fallen last week in Germany  and the Netherlands price has followed that direction. ASF is having and holding a negative impact on markets globally as well as feed price hampering any margins that remain at present.  The position pig farmers find themselves in at present in simply unstainable and further assistance is required. 

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